“Our Pathian® Curve is the beginning of a new age in energy management. We can now evaluate energy consumption in ways never before possible. This patented analysis tool provides the ability to identify best practice operational strategies for virtually all types of energy-consuming equipment, allowing peer performance comparisons independent of weather or geographical location. The peer comparison power of Pathian Curves will revolutionize the Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) industry by establishing data-driven performance standards to which existing HVAC systems and equipment can be compared.”  Dan Buchanan, President

Pathian Inc. is a technical and engineering consultancy with specialized expertise in HVAC mechanical system optimization of large, complex facilities. Working in partnership with the industry’s largest and most respected controls companies, our goal is to help our customers define their energy-reduction path and realize their goals while maximizing the air quality and comfort for their occupants. We accomplish this through a revolutionary data-driven analysis of a facility’s energy usage along with the application of practical expertise to produce positive and sustainable results which are technically sound and verifiable. Typically, our energy management projects pay for themselves within one year of implementation. It is not uncommon for Pathian’s clients to immediately reduce their annual HVAC-related energy costs by as much as 20 percent and sustain these savings into the future. Subsequent projects are designed to yield continuous energy improvement and further reduction in utility costs with a maximum one- to two-year payback.

To help accomplish this, Pathian has developed our patented Pathian® Analysis® energy profiling application. This load-based program will assist you in visualizing the way your facilities consume energy and validate the effectiveness of your efforts through precisely calculated project savings.

What sets Pathian Analysis apart from other energy measurement protocols is its ability to perfectly describe how your mechanical systems react to varying outside air (OSA) load conditions. Our energy curves mimic the energy consumption profile of your mechanical systems. This allows you to visualize how varying outside air temperature affects the energy consumption of your chillers, boilers, air handlers, pumps and other mechanical equipment in your facility. Then we can make a comparison of your facility’s energy consumption without errors and uncertainty caused by differences in outside air conditions.

Other characteristics that set Pathian Analysis apart:

  • The use of interval utility data combined with detailed National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) weather data
  • The generation of Pathian Curves based on dry bulb, dew point or enthalpy
  • Our pragmatism in optimizing the equipment and systems already in place
  • Our experience and technical know-how with HVAC systems and controls