Benchmarking Products

With dramatic advances in Web-based monitoring and real-time analytics, the emerging approach to identify and quantify energy inefficiencies is information driven. This is empowering business owners to turn energy from a cost into an asset using more cost-effective benchmarking products.

Benchmarking is the process of determining who is the very best, who sets the standard, and what that standard is. Why should you benchmark? If you don’t know what the standard is, how can you compare yourself against it? 

Pathian has developed benchmarking products that will provide you with the knowledge and capability to compare your performance against your peers. Our benchmarking products are scalable, allowing peer comparison of multiple buildings within a large portfolio or peer comparison of equipment performance (i.e., AHU’s, utility plants, control sequences) within a single building. For each category of building or equipment, it is compared to a Pathian Performance Index™ (PPI™), an industry best practice established through CLB Best Practice Surveys.   

Pathian’s benchmarking products include: