Group Benchmarking

Group Benchmarking™ is a historical comparison of energy consumption between one time period and another for a specific group. It is used to measure and report variances in energy consumption. A group can be defined as a single building, a collection of equipment (e.g., a chilled water plant), a single piece of equipment (e.g., AHU, chiller, boiler, pump, etc.) or the separate components of equipment (e.g., collection of fans, dampers, air coils, compressors, pumps, control valves, etc.).


  • Establish baseline energy performance models for building, equipment or customized groups of equipment
  • Monitoring and verification (M&V) for implemented energy conservation opportunities (ECOs)
  • Proactively identify changes in energy consumption due to control system set point changes, degradation in equipment performance and/or failures


This Group Benchmarking comparison is of an air-cooled chiller to a water-cooled chiller’s energy efficiency.