Load-to-Position Benchmarking

Load-to-Position Benchmarking™ combines Group Benchmarking and Positional Benchmarking into a single comparison chart, providing the ability to establish baseline historical relationships between equipment load and positional components such as valves and dampers.


  • Establish baseline positional relationships between valves and dampers and major energy-consuming equipment (e.g., fans, pumps, chillers)
  • Identify competing energy losses in HVAC systems
  • Establish efficient AHU economizer control strategies by determining optimal fan loading and damper position relationships
  • Quickly identify system performance impacts caused by deviations in control set points from operator overrides and/or control device failures


This Load-to-Position Benchmarking is comparing the valve positions of the heating and cooling coil control valves to fan loading percentages (%) over all outside air temperatures.