Peer Benchmarking

Peer Benchmarking™ is a comparison over the same time period of a group’s energy consumption to its most efficient peer group, as defined by the Pathian Performance Index™ (PPI™). It is used to identify and quantify potential energy-saving opportunities. A group can be defined as a single building, a collection of equipment (e.g., a chilled water plant) or a single piece of equipment (e.g., air handler unit, chiller, boiler, pump, etc.).


  • Building groups — Identify buildings within a large portfolio
  • Equipment groups — Automated energy audit capability; comparison of existing equipment performance to optimally performing peer equipment
  • Accurately quantify energy savings for ASHRAE Level 2/3 energy audits
  • Prioritization of energy conservation opportunities (ECOs)


This chart is comparing dissimilar-sized, peer-group hospital energy consumption using Pathian Analysis.