Energy Audits

Pathian provides energy audits that cover a broad spectrum of sophistication. These range from a simple walk-through of a facility to a comprehensive analysis of building and mechanical systems. In general, we use energy and mechanical system audits to identify the most efficient and cost-effective Energy Conservation Opportunities (ECOs) for our clients.

For existing facilities, the primary focuses of the energy audit process are:

  • The analyses of building and utility data — includes an assessment of the installed equipment and energy bills
  • A survey of the actual operating conditions of the facility
  • Gaining an understanding of a building’s behavior and its interactions with weather, occupancy and operating schedules
  • The selection and evaluation of ECOs
  • The estimation of energy-saving potential
  • The identification of customer concerns and needs

Step 1: Facility Profile (ASHRAE Level 1 Audit)

Pathian conducts ASHRAE Level 1 audits utilizing the Pathian® Analysis® energy profiling software application. This data-driven and sustainable approach to HVAC control system optimization accurately pinpoints the causes of ineffective mechanical system operation through interval load profiling. By importing a facility’s utility interval data through our Web portal, we can measure and compare its present and projected energy profile against its peer facilities in our database, both historically and in real time. Most important, this peer review assesses the facility’s energy savings potential through HVAC system optimization.

Step 2: Walk-through Assessment (ASHRAE Level 2 Audit)

After a client facility is profiled, Pathian consultants conduct an on-site HVAC system assessment. This systematic process concentrates on comprehensively documenting the quantity, type and configuration of air-handling units (AHU) systems and central utility plants along with a review of their control systems sequences. Through this effort, Pathian identifies and prioritizes potential ECOs for further scope, cost development and potential energy savings during the ASHRAE Level 3 Audit.

Step 3: Investment Grade Assessment (ASHRAE Level 3 Audit)

Upon completion of the ASHRAE Level 2 Audit, Pathian engineers perform a detailed investment grade assessment, resulting in the development of a Syrx™ Energy Reduction Plan. The Syrx Plan includes a detailed contractor scope of work, cost estimates and energy savings calculations for ECOs selected from the ASHRAE Level 2 Audit. The result is a prioritized project implementation plan.