Pathian Analysis

(U.S. Patent No. 8,719,184)

The development of Pathian® Analysis® represents a transformation in the way businesses manage their energy consumption habits. Our clients are utilizing it to develop data-driven industry best practice methods for the operation and control of their HVAC mechanical systems. The result: consistent and continuing energy savings of 20 percent and more.

The foundation of Pathian® Analysis® is our patented Pathian® Curves. Pathian® Curves perfectly describe energy consumption over all outside air conditions, allowing you to measure and compare variances in peer group energy consumption habits irrespective of geographical location or differences in weather patterns over the time period of analysis.

Pathian® Curves are a significant advancement in the field of measurement and verification of energy systems. Compared to traditional degree day normalization industry methods, our unique approach eliminates errors caused by differences in outside air conditions. You can now compare energy system performance across several climate regions simply by measuring the differences in the Pathian® Curve’s shape at each interval temperature.

Pathian® Curves form the heart of our benchmarking products. A key differentiator is our ability to create best-in-class performance indices which are scalable to your business needs. Most benchmarking products stop at the building utility meter, only allowing a comparison among peer buildings (e.g., ENERGY STAR). Pathian’s benchmarking products, however, allow you to dive deeper into your facilities’ energy performance. Utilizing available data from your HVAC building management system, Pathian cost-effectively creates and manages thousands of smart meters. From this data, we benchmark performance and provide peer comparisons among major HVAC systems, single pieces of equipment and equipment control strategies. 

We call this Pathian® Analysis® — a leap forward in energy management technology. You can now systematically conduct and apply best practice surveys for all HVAC mechanical systems and each of their components using the available data from your HVAC building management system. We have successfully implemented our Pathian® Analysis® approach with multiple customers, saving them between 20?40 percent of their annual energy costs and sustaining those results over several years.