Pathian Introduces New Energy Profiling Software Proven to Help Companies Reduce Energy Costs by up to 25 Percent

PathianSM Analysis Software Application Accomplishes Energy Savings by Optimizing How Existing Mechanical Systems Are Controlled

CINCINNATI, July 15, 2012 — Pathian, an energy consultancy specializing in the optimization of complex mechanical systems for large and multi-unit facilities, announced the introduction of Pathian Analysis, a unique and highly accurate energy modeling and reporting software application proven to help companies reduce their energy costs by 10–25 percent. Combined with practical methods for mechanical system optimization, Pathian’s revolutionary software is the central component of a data-driven and sustained approach to HVAC control system optimization that delivers significant energy savings. In a majority of instances, energy savings are achieved using existing equipment and fine-tuning the system controls to achieve optimal performance and a fast payback.

The Pathian Analysis software accurately depicts facility energy consumption habits and pinpoints many of the causes of inefficient mechanical system operation. This is done using a proprietary approach to interval load profiling that precisely accounts for external air conditions in energy calculations.

Pathian Analysis is able to precisely describe how mechanical systems react to varying outside air (OSA) load conditions and how they affect the energy consumption of its chillers, boilers, air handlers, pumps and other mechanical equipment. Armed with accurate profiles and intuitive energy reports, companies are able to make informed evaluations of their facility’s energy consumption without the errors and uncertainty caused by differences in OSA conditions.

Once system deficiencies are identified, energy-reduction strategies are developed to eliminate them. After these initiatives have been implemented, the software measures the effectiveness of the solutions and provides information to help formulate successive courses of action to further reduce energy consumption.

“Another important element of our Pathian Analysis software is its ability to measure a facility’s energy profile against those with similar demographic characteristics,” said Dan Buchanan, president and founder, Pathian. “This ‘peer review’ capability enables a facility owner to compare their relative energy efficiency with comparable operations and gauge the progress of their efforts.”

Other characteristics of the Pathian Analysis software application include:

  • The use of interval utility data combined with detailed National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) weather data
  • The generation of Pathian™ Curves, based on dry bulb, dew point or enthalpy, which allow companies to instantly identify control system deficiencies
  • Dozens of standard reports, charts and analysis tools 

About Pathian Incorporated

Pathian Incorporated is an energy consultancy specializing in the optimization of complex mechanical systems for large and multi-unit facilities. As expert direct digital controls (DDC) systems engineers, Pathian focuses on standardizing HVAC control logic. Pathian helps companies simplify the operation of their mechanical systems and provide training to make combined efforts sustainable. Through the PathianSM Analysis energy profiling software application, the company is able to assist other organizations and institutions visualize the way their facilities consume energy and validate the effectiveness of their efforts through precisely calculated project savings. For more information, visit

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