Commissioning Authority

Pathian has developed its SyrxTM commissioning software in strict accordance with the ASHRAE 2004 Commissioning Process Guidelines. As your commissioning authority, we use this software to provide a quality-focused process for enhancing the delivery of a project. Syrx focuses on verifying and documenting that the facility and all of its systems and assemblies are planned, designed, installed, tested, operated and maintained to meet the owner’s project requirements (OPRs). OPRs are defined in a written document detailing the functional requirements of a project and the expectations of its use and operation. This includes: project and design goals; measurable performance criteria; budgets; schedules; success criteria; and supporting information.

We can provide Commissioning Authority Services to meet all your commissioning needs. This includes services for new construction or the retrofitting/upgrading of existing equipment and systems.

Listed below are several commissioning services we routinely provide:

  • Commissioning plan — A document that outlines the organization, schedule, allocation of resources and documentation requirements of the commissioning process
  • Acceptance plan — A binding document that contractually defines actions and permits an activity to commence or continue
  • Commissioning process progress report — A document recording the activities and results of the commissioning process
  • Construction checklist — A form used by the contractor to verify that appropriate components are on-site, ready for installation, correctly installed and functional
  • Probabilistic analysis — Analysis and methods based upon an estimated, uniform, or known probability/statistical distribution of outcomes that can be predicted, or an underlying outcome distribution that can be expected or estimated. The distribution of outcomes should be within a reasonably close range to the mean expected outcome or measure value, be it known or estimated.
  • Cx issues log — A formal and ongoing record of problems or concerns and their resolution that have been raised by members of the commissioning team during the course of the commissioning process
  • Training plan — A written document that details the expectations, schedule, budget and deliverables of commissioning process activities related to the training of project operating and maintenance personnel, users and occupants
  • Test procedure — A written protocol that defines methods, personnel and expectations for tests conducted on components, equipment, assemblies, systems and interfaces among systems