What are your benchmarking needs?

“I am responsible for a large portfolio of buildings, and I don’t know where to start.”

  • Our Peer Benchmarking product is more than just a comparison on a Btu per square-foot basis. It provides you with the ability to compare your building’s energy consumption to peer buildings across all outdoor air conditions. Not only will Peer Benchmarking™ identify which of your buildings are performing poorly, it will show you why, helping you to narrowly focus your next steps.

“Our company has aggressive goals for energy reduction. We have implemented much of the low-hanging fruit but are still short of meeting our target. We need help identifying, quantifying and prioritizing budget-neutral or less than two-year payback HVAC projects that will help us exceed our target.”

  • For HVAC systems like yours, Pathian has established Pathian Performance Indexes™ (PPI™), a best practice for HVAC equipment energy performance. Utilizing data from your existing BMCS, Pathian can identify opportunities using our Group Benchmarkingproduct. By comparing your equipment’s performance to our established PPI™ for that equipment group, we can easily quantify and prioritize ECO’s without expensive field audits.

“Over the years, our building has gone through several renovations and additions. The AHU systems have multiple configurations and control strategies. We know we have inefficiencies and are wasting energy, but how do we quantify energy losses and identify best practices for future design and operation?”

  • Every engineer has a different opinion on the “best” AHU fan control strategy. Pathian developed Control Sequence Benchmarking to help you determine what is optimal for your building. Utilize Control Sequence Benchmarking™ as a data-driven analysis tool to justify and establish a best practice HVAC control strategy that results in standardization across your facilities and optimization of energy performance.

“I need a diagnostic tool to help monitor my HVAC system’s operation and verify energy performance for projects I have implemented. I would also like to proactively identify deviations in performance due to equipment failures or operator changes in setpoints before they cost me money.”

  • For this purpose, Pathian developed Position Benchmarking™, Status Benchmarkingand Load-to-Position Benchmarking. These products trend and compare valve and damper positions and on/off operation of major equipment over a range of outdoor air conditions. Once baseline position and performance curves have been established, variances in operation can quickly be identified, minimizing losses in energy.