Engineering made easy

Our Syrx® Controller is the secure link from your site to the Syrx® Cloud. It is configured at the time of purchase to arrive on the job ready to communicate with your equipment and building automation system. No more on-site programming means standard deployments with less installation time.

World’s 1st global catalog for energy standards

We created the first global cataloguing system for energy-efficiency standards, called the Syrx® Numbering System. Like the Dewey Decimal System, it uses standard codes to categorize building types and classify every single component of any HVAC system in the world.

Syrx Numbering System components
  • A “component” in the Syrx® Numbering System can be virtually anything that consumes power or controls the consumption of power.
  • The numbering system not only describes what type of component is being measured but it also categorizes the different control methods used to control how the component operates.
Air conditioner
Supply air fan
Return air fan
Air handler
Heat pump

“Pathian’s Syrx Numbering System is game-changing. It makes managing and controlling complex systems organized and so much easier.”

– Josh B., Facility Manager

Maximizing energy efficiency

Once all the components are classified and mapped, we use patented algorithms and gap analysis to collect and feed valuable data into the Pathian® Curves and Analysis Apps.

The end result is a quality-focused, automated process that documents and verifies that all equipment, components and assemblies are planned, designed, installed, tested, operated and maintained to deliver maximum energy efficiency.